How do I purchase an item of Trending Objects?

Purchase products from our website or you can also purchase from different ecommerce portal such as Amazon and Flipkart.

How do I purchase an item from Trending Objects website?

Enquire about the product that you would like to purchase and our brand customer care would give you a call within 1 hour to confirm your placed order. Confirm the order over call that you would like to purchase. And your order would be shipped the moment you pay.

Why should I purchase from Trending Objects website?

Big time discounts are available at Trending Objects. Here prices are low as compared to ecommerce websites such as Amazon and Flipkart as they are being charged for the commission by us in the product price.

Are there any hidden charges if I purchase from Trending Objects website?

There are no hidden charges when you purchase from Trending Objects website. Moreover, you don't need to pay shipping charges if you order from Trending Objects.

Do you provide business/commercial invoice?

Yes, we provide business invoice. Provide us your GST number and we would add taxation amount in total pricing.

What is the duration of my warranty?

Warranty period beings on the date of purchase and ends exactly after one year.

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