The warranty period beings on the date of purchase and ends exactly after two years. Trending Objects warranty applies to the products which are handled properly for its intending use and are handled in accordance with the operating instructions.

The warranty does not apply if the objects are damaged or defected resulting from the use of products not approved by Trending Objects.

The warranty does hold not if any repair is committed by the consumer or any unauthorized Trending Objects repair centre.



Damage or defect?

The two years warranty is not applicable to any physical abuse and/or electrical damage and is not limited to:

  • Physical abuse
  • Abnormal voltage
  • Deliberate damage
  • Neglect
  • Misuse
  • Ordinary wear/tear
  • Malicious damage
  • Natural disaster

Claims for service or replacement

Affixing of the products with the items provided or not provided by the manufacturers with any sort of adhesive by the end user is strictly prohibited.

Trending Objects does not approve of any physical damage or defect caused by improper testing, maintenance, installation, operation, service or any other improper adjustment.

Trending Objects shall not recommend usage of any other batteries, peripherals, over charging, additional equipments or any other power supplies and is not liable in any such case.

Trending Objects customer service team reserves the right to final decision for all the potential warranty claims for service or replacement. (Color preferences depends upon the stock available)


Anything excluded?

Trending Objects reserves all the right to cancel warranty claims in case the proof of purchase has been altered or illegally made.

Neither Trending Objects nor its service centers are liable in case warranty has been altered, removed or presented illegally. This warranty is purchaser's sole act of remedy and it is non-transferable.

Warranty period does not extends/renews in case of repair or replacement of any of the bought products.

Warranty cover would be termed void in case unauthorized product modification or repairs has been attempted by the end user or any unauthorized service organizations. Trending Objects must carry out all/any warranty repair.

While repairing or replacing the products, Trending Objects holds the rights to use revamped or rebuilt parts.

Shipping charges must be handled by the buyer in case the destination is not found.

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