Trending Objects

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About Us

Trending Objects is a prominent name in the home automation system industry, offering a plethora of advanced, innovative, energy-saving and smart-technology empowered products that enlighten homes and enhance convenience, comfort and expediency for users.

Incorporating the evolving Internet of Things technology a core component of your home electrical and appliances network, Trending Objects helps you design and build custom, reliable and durable smart home systems that are innovative in design, superior grade in performance, and aesthetic in appeal. Enhanced control on how you control your home appliances saving energy, effort with maximised output and reduced carbon footprint is what we bring to you in our extensive range of products that includes smart bulbs, smart plugs and a lot more coming up.

Who We Are

Who we are is defined by the team and talent we have on-board. Set along creating a future-centric smart environment for our customers, we incorporate the same fusion of culture, imagination, coherence and though-process in our foundation as a company. Having a staff of professional engineers, researchers, developers, and a partner network of reliable and experienced manufacturers optimising state of the art facilitation and process, we have created a unit of enthusiasts who are keenly dedicated to created smart, innovative and affordable solutions specific to meet requirements and interior functionality of each and every home space.

From senior management to process workers, each professional holds high expertise in their specific domain, is inspired and motivated, has a clear vision, values the philosophy of the company and is dedicated to deliver beyond the expected.

What We Do

Being in the electrical component industry, one could expect us to turn out products that satisfy the needs of the users. But we go a step ahead of the routine. We understand how technology is impacting each and every sphere of our daily lives and that becomes the core of our functioning. Refining the technological advancement, integrating innovative methodology, understanding home automation process, we create impactful, contemporary products that reflects and very well defines the concept of smart home automation.

The core of home automation is energy efficiency, improved controls and cost-effectiveness and we give you intelligent products that scores high on all these factors and create smarter living atmosphere for you. We fabricate hardware blended with software and procedural inputs to create solutions that speak for themselves.

How We Do It

Channeling years of intensive research and rigorous testing procedures into product design and development, we build a strong foundation for our product usage. We utilise tech-driven global network system to deliver on customer support. Intensifying our platforms and making market education as a key component of our outreach, we increase the awareness of our products and services.

Our Core Values, Mission and Vision

Putting the customer first and rendering best technological support to them is at the core of value system at Trending Objects. Our focus on bringing innovative solutions for a brighter future is backed by our commitment towards energy conservation and management. Our process and products exceeds global standards, conform to all the regulatory compliances in order. We deliver customer service that ensures confidence and loyalty and helps them bring potency to their energy consumption. We are dedicated towards improving balanced quality of life, distribute innovative products and strive to give experiences to our partners and customers that far exceed their expectations and help make their homes smartly automated.