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What You Need to Know to Set-Up and Get Started With Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are a small device that may seem too simple in looks, but are power packed in features. Bringing a radical revolution in one of the traditional and basic electrical usage mechanism, smart plugs are redefining the way we use our appliances and stake control over them.

When you don’t want to leave your bed early on a comfy morning, but still want to have a tasty cup of coffee, you can command the plug turn on your connected coffee maker and prepare it. They are far more beneficial than they appear to be and are a must have when you are looking to ump the ship towards a smart home.

Here, the experts at Trending Objects have created a brief guide on how you can buy smart plugs online and get started with them from set-up to reaping the amazing benefits these offer:

Pick Quality, Latest and Feature-Rich Smart Plugs

When you are starting to automate your home, and want best smart plugs, the key is to go through a complete research and find ones that are packed with features, provide interminable possibilities and are specifically suitable to your particular use.

Set-Up is Quite Simple

Contrary to what many people may believe and say, setting up smart plugs is fairly easy for anyone. Although the explicit process may differ considering model and manufacturer, the fundamental procedure is same.

  • Unbox, plug it into the wall electrical outlet and turn it on.
  • Install the provider’s mentioned app on your device and connect the plug to the app over a common WiFi network.
  • Similarly, connect or add the smart plug to a compatible virtual assistant like Google Home or Amazon Alexa to start enjoying voice command functionality as well.

How to make Use of a Smart Plug

Just like setting it up, connecting with the app and virtual assistant, using a smart plug is as easy as a breeze. You can use it to connect all types of electrical appliances which you want to control. You can leverage the functionality of scheduled times of your smart plug to configure it to turn on and off the devices after a certain period of time (much more suitable to daily recurring tasks). You can also program your plug to operate certain appliances and devices for a definite period of time.

What Appliances & Devices Can be Used with Smart Plug

You can use smart plug in multiple ways and for variety of devices. You can configure lights to turn on and off at specific time, enable house lights come at a certain event, get the garage door open up remotely when you reach the driveway, turn on security camera and see who’s at the door when the doorbell is ringed, limit viewing time of TV for the kids, set the mobile charger to turn off automatically during the night after a particular amount of time after you have fallen asleep, and much more. 

These are just a few examples. You can do so much more using the smart plug and can think of so many more creative uses once you get used to the control and customisation. Trending Objects, as a ground-breaking name in the domain in India, bring a fine range of smart plugs online, in multiple variants and even with USB charging stations, all at cost-effective prices.

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